I should be in bed...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
...but instead I'm blogging. Why? Because I made the mistake of looking at my Google Analytics and apparently, someone in Finland* wants to know about the minutiae of my life. And if there's one thing I hate, it is letting people down.

E is just coming out of a disregulation phase. We're starting to catch on to his cycling, and it seems more like a 3 month cycle, instead of the 6 month cycle that Ames and Ilg talk about. We're going to map it this time, but we're pretty sure that about oh, every three months, he spends three weeks or so being a complete and total jerk grump, running into walls, slurring his speech...basically being a total shitshow mess.

So what was he working on? He was working on becoming a completely and totally different kid. He is so much more...more. He's just...more. He's more mature. His thinking is more abstract. He makes more connections, he's more imaginative, he's a whole lot funnier, he's more observant, and he's 110% cuter. He's...more. And while those few weeks were really, really rough, they were totally worth it.

Oh, you want proof? Pictures and funny quotes?!? Okay, okay.

E was snuggled up in my lap for the inaugural reading of the newest addition to our extensive library, There's a Bird on Your Head, and we get to the last page, where Pigeon has a cameo. There's a sharp intake of breath before E excitedly shouts, "I didn't know Pigeon lived in this book!"

On our way home from dinner the other night, I commented that I had to pee really badly. "I'll help you, mom. Dad's going to drive us home in Newie (E's name for the new car) and then he'll open the garage door and then I'll get out of the car and open the door and I'll go upstairs and go into the bathroom and I'll put the seat down for your big butt." Did I mention he's funnier?

Mostly, he just loves things. "A new kitchen?!? I luh-ve it! Do you love it, mom?"

And I could not be more grateful for the timing of his togetherness. Lela (short for Abuela) is in town. My mom hadn't seen B since she was born, so she's been eating her up. And I wasn't there, but apparently when E went with his dad to go pick Lela up, he talked for the entire 40 minute drive home, as if catching her up on his entire life. Seriously. He started with "I was born in a hospital..." to his trip to Children's to going to Metal Park to everything in between. And he hasn't stopped since she got here. It's been amazing watching the two of them. The only glitches have been when she's carrying B and he gets jealous, but we've been talking about jealousy so now he has a word for the feelings, which is a start.

Tomorrow I am interviewing a preschool. I know. It breaks my freaking heart. E turns three in a few months and while I never thought this day would come, I think that E might be ready for a more formal learning environment. Not to mention that he often laments that he has no friends. He does have a handful of friends, but he sees each of them for a couple of hours a week at best, and usually it's at the park or something and you know how three year olds are. So I'm going to visit a Montessori school right up the road from us. I'm nervous about a few things - are they really a Montessori, or are they one of those "we can charge more because the Montessori name is unregulated and when people hear Montessori they automatically think oh wow Montessori"? The other thing that makes me nervous is that they are a five day program. It's only (only!) three hours a day, but sheesh. It just seems like so much.

Anyway, like I said. I should be in bed. B is teething and developing quite the personality, not to mention still waking up because she must. flip. over. I threw a whole week's worth of sleep training out the window because being awake from 1:00 am till about 2:30, falling into a fitful sleep only to be woken up again at 3:something and then again at 4:something sucks rocks. So I stopped and thought about what I was doing and why. I reassessed my intentions and priorities and came to the conclusion that 1) B is not ready to sleep on her own, 2) that I am a complete and total bitch on no sleep, 3) that the reason I was booting her in the first place is because sleeping on my side causes my knee caps to slide off the front of my legs, 4) but as much as my knees hurt, running a stop sign because I am so motherf'ing tired that I didn't see it is alarming and scary and not ok, what number am I on? 5) I need to sleep and B sleeps sooo much better curled up against me and one day she'll be too big to sleep with me anymore so if the only way anyone gets any sleep around here is with her chubby little baby body curled against mine then fine. We'll try sleep training again in a bit, once we get all caught up on our sleep. As for the knee caps, I'm sleeping with a pillow between my legs and trying to flip onto my stomach or back whenever either one of us rustles. It's better, but not great.

Oh, and before I forget, here are a few pictures...

I mean, seriously, two weeks ago, E refused to let me take pictures of him. He'd get all weepy and upset and now, now he actually smiled at the camera. He didn't stop to smile at the camera and a couple of times he got all self-conscious, but at least he didn't throw mulch at me.
I love these two. It started to sprinkle on us and E threw up his hands. "Rain! I love the rain!"
I hope that one day B has her own chubby baby and forgives me for posting this one...but how could I resist?
I don't know I like this one so much. It's not the best pic of E...maybe it's because he was talking so animatedly about his magic pebble or because there's nothing in the background to detract from him. But I like this picture.

Alright, now can I go to bed?!?

*I also have readers in Russia, a few different parts of Italy, Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, New Zealand, and Canada. Crazy, huh? I would love to know if they are reading in English and if not, how does my sense of humor translate? Am I funny in Finish?

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mom2boy said...

There's something unexplainably heartstring tugging about small hands and feet. I still nibble on Tate's toes and he still thinks it's funny. Moments I'd like to bottle.

That's awesome that a new E has emerged from his grouchy cocoon. :)

Sometimes I sleep better curled next to Tate. Well, I'd sleep better if he'd consent to sleeping in my bed and not his twin bed but it is at least comforting to be snuggled up next to him if not exactly comfortable. What about a soft knee wrap or something?

My great grandmother was from Finland. I'd like to think you are indeed funny in Finnish.

Anonymous said...

woo hooo hello from Italy! I should run you thru Google translate and see how funny it is in Italian. :)
E is adorable and I do want to squeeze those cute feet!!!!
I hope it is a real Montessori. I loved Montes. when I was growing up. three hours a day is perfect! you can do it!!

caramama said...

Your children are so beautiful!

My girl also has shorter cycles, which are probably 3 month cycles but feel like shorter. Or maybe it's that her periods of disequilibrium are longer than the equilibrium.

Aren't they just amazing when they make these developmental leaps? "More" describes it perfectly. I LOLed at the "your big butt." Too cute and funny!

Good for you figuring out what B's needs and your needs are and the best way to meet both! Hopefully this phase will be over before you know it.

Anonymous said...

oh, Google Translate fail, but does cause lots of giggles, maybe Giggle Translate? For ex. when you talk about E's cycles it thinks you're talking about bicycles, so you're starting to understand his bicycles better.
He's a totally different kid as in baby goat; and then instead of snuggling in your lap he was crawling in your lap as in two laps around the block... I think the Finnish are ROTFL for sure :)

nej said...

@mom2boy - soft knee wrap! Thank goodness my bloggy friends are so smart!

@caramama - thank you - it's funny but I never understood until I had my own children how important it is to tell other mothers that their children are beautiful.

@geeksinrome - I can't believe you Giggle Translated me. Your comments totally made it worth staying up for!

Cloud said...

Sorry, I suspect the Finns are reading in English. They all learn it young. If you ever want to feel like a linguistic loser, go to Scandinavia and watch a teenager in a visitor center switch effortlessly among English, German, French, and at least one other language that I couldn't identify.

Anyway, your kids are gorgeous. The pictures also made me think that I should take some pictures of the chubby little hands and feet on Petunia....

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