Yin and Bang

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh, good. I think that'll work. I'm hoping that repeatedly looking at this sequence and cuteness that it oozes will keep me from throwing the gawddamn baby out the window.

I'm pretty sure it's teething, but since she has no tells, it's hard to know. And it's amazing what having a reason will do for my patience. If I can attribute aggravating behavior to something, then my tolerance is ten-fold. But when there's no apparent reason, I get frustrated. And it makes me want to throw my freshly cleaned window wide open and chuck the baby out into the yard. Maybe if I throw her hard enough, she'll land in the neighbor's yard and they can take care of her for a while.


We went almost three years without a trip to the ER. E was assembling puzzles with D when he jumped up, bolted to get another puzzle and when he took his second step (he literally goes from sitting to 100mph in a matter of two steps), he tripped over D's leg and smashed his head into the corner of the wall. Luckily we have bull-nose corners or he would have had a face full of stitches. He left a 1x2 inch dent in it and has the marks from the texture of the wall spidered across the goose-egg bulging on his forehead. He ended up at Children's Hospital with a minor concussion. Both of his major injuries have occurred in our living room during low-energy play while an arm's reach from a parent. He flies down the street on his scooter, wrestles with his dad, gets thrown around by his T and climbs as high as any playground equipment will allow. He's been going full speed since he was ten months old. Yet he busts his head in the "safety" of our living room while doing puzzles. The irony.

4 comments to Yin and Bang:

Cloud said...

Eh, my baby is being frustrating and fussy right now, too. Maybe the baby union called a strike or something...

Poor E! I hope he feels better soon. We've yet to have our inaugural trip to the ER. I am now knocking furiously on wood.

geeks in rome said...

crazy isn't it? well, I guess the good thing about being so close to the scene of the accident is you can tell the docs exactly what happened...

Maybe you have to turn that living room into a lounge with padded walls, floors and only pillows for furniture!? :) oh yes, and only puzzles with no sharp edges.

caramama said...

Girl, I hear ya! But which could I throw farther, the baby or the pre-schooler? That! is the question!

And what is it about kids getting hurt when we are right in arms' reach? It always reminds me of how much slower my reflexes are.

hush said...

Yes, lucky for them that they are cute!! I say the same thing to my dog after she craps on the rug. And your kids are extra cute!!

The first ER trip feels like some parental rite of passage. Sucky.

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