Mom, what's a puma say?

Friday, January 29, 2010
I feel a little better now. I still have that rising up in my chest feeling, but D and I laid in bed last night and talked about everything and he reminded me to only freak out about one thing at a time, and to do it sequentially. So instead of picturing E in a little hospital gown laying unconscious on a cold metal table while doctors violate him rectally, I'm going to freak out about having to watch D restrain him while they draw vials of blood out of his arm on Monday morning. I'm just kidding. I'm not going to freak out about, as E would say, no anything.

Speaking of funny things E says, here's one for you...

"I'm a dinosaur. Roar. I'm a lion. Growl. I'm a puma. (wait for it...) Puuuummme."

BTW - Thanks to everyone for the emails and the FB comments. I appreciate the thoughts, words of advice and encouragement, and commiseration.

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Cloud said...

Oh ouch.

Maybe just concentrate on how much better it will be once you figure everything out?

And remember that most of us don't remember much from toddlerhood, anyway.

mom2boys said...

I'm very sorry you guys are going through this - I hope you find an answer soon.

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