Lesson(s) (Re)learned

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
- Do not kick guide the cat out of the kitchen with your foot and then get upset when the two-and-a-half year old does the same thing.
- Some things just can not be done one-handed. Taking out contacts and buttering toast are two of those things.
- Some people are nice, some people are not.
- Shaving your legs with a dull razor is only marginally better than not shaving at all.
- Taking a shower with the shower curtain open so that the baby doesn't freak the eff out is substantially better than not showering at all.
- People who don't have kids don't know what it's like to have kids. They may think they know, but they don't. It's not their fault.
- Marry your best friend. Then take the time to remind yourselves why you got married.
- Fix things that bother you. It'll take less time than you think and then your mind will be clear of the annoyance.
- Making time to do things you enjoy is of paramount importance.
- No one person can fulfill all your needs. Find friends that understand, inspire and challenge you. Then make time to connect with them. And if the waiter is insolent, tip him well.
- Everything contains sugar. We (E and I) are on an elimination diet. No wheat, no dairy, no sugar (including all fruits, fruit juices, natural fruit flavorings) and no yeast. E is on the diet in an attempt to isolate the cause(s) of his digestive issues and I'm on the diet for solidarity and to lose the last 5 post-pregnancy pounds. More on the diet later, but do me a favor and pay attention to what you eat and drink tomorrow...and feel sorry for us.
- Evoking the Wonder Pets can get an obsessed toddler to do just about anything.
- Sometimes, even the Wonder Pets aren't enough to get an obsessed toddler to do anything.
- Being a mother is hard, hard work.
- Sitting around a table with people you love and playing games (Cheaters with a Connect Four chaser, for example) are the moments that make memories.

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geeks in rome said...

thank you for leaving such a thoughtful and wise comment on my blog! You are totally right and I will screw up the courage to do it.

I'm happy to have met your blog now and love what you write. My daughter has GI issues, too, which have been determined to be a crooked rectum (anteriorized anus). So its stool softeners and high fiber for now. thank god she loves prunes and raisins.

I hope your son gets better! It's so hard not knowing what to do.

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