Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 25, 2010
There are so many things I am grateful for (I mean really, where would I start?!?) but for now, I'll tell you that I am grateful that this did not end up being our Christmas card.


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

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AcG said...


hush said...

You have beautiful babes! Personally, I'm a big fan of Xmas card pictures that are of the kids only, and/or of the kids & pets only. (I'm basing that on some friends of ours who every year send too many pictures of themselves... and the vibe always seems kind of like their 2 kids and the dog are "allowed" to be in at least one picture.. but only with the adults in it, too = Weird. Everyone in our post-college friend group jokes about it though.)

mom2boy said...

Love it. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I haven't even thought about Christmas cards yet, oy!

Cloud said...

You have cute kids! I'm assuming you got an even cuter shot for the card? One year we just couldn't get a really good shot- Pumpkin wouldn't cooperate. So we had a card with our "bloopers" on it, which in retrospect was pretty cute. At the time I was very stressed by it!

caramama said...

OMG, that's such a cute pic!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. I hope you did too!

nej said...

@AcG - Right?!? Thank goodness I didn't try to get Scout in the picture, too.

@hush - Me, too. We have a handful of friends who love themselves very much, and this self-aggrandizement is evident in their choice of holiday card pics. Cracks me up.

@mom2boy - We got our picture out of the way early because the fall colors here in Colorado are spectacular, this year especially. But the cards aren't in the mail. Oh no, they've been shuffled around and around the living room and the dining room and the kitchen counter so much that by the time they get sent, they'll be full of crumbs and platters and play-do. Gross.

@Cloud - This was going to be our card because it was so funny to us that we kept taking picture after picture and they kept coming out so bad. We were going to put this one in the center and surround it with other "bloopers" and as I'm clicking through all the pics of that day, we came across one that was perfect. I'll post it once the mailed ones go out, although this one hints at it since it was at the same location.

@caramama - Thanks, but this picture is so bad. The look on E's face, and BP screaming at the dog walking by...well, it was getting so bad as to be comic. The pic we finally did get is 100 times better. And we did have a great Thanksgiving. Glad to hear you did, too.

geeks in rome said...

that is just so adorable!!! I'd hang that over my Christmas tree!!

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