A Rose By Any Other Name

Thursday, October 21, 2010
E has a handful of nicknames for BP:
gagga gooch

chunk'o munk'o
(all derivations of chunky monkey)

lil princess
(the way he says this one invokes Jerry Lewis..lil PRINcess!)

And while these names are so cute because the way they came about is so organic, I am worried about them sticking. I do NOT want tweener BP to be called chunk'o or monk'o or chunk'o monk'o. I'm horrified on her future behalf. The only one that would maybe be ok is gags, but even that is not quite as adorable when heard in my head as if I were an outsider to this family.

Speaking of names, BP's vocabulary is coming along quite nicely. She owns about a dozen words:
dog (pronounced dohg)
wow (pronounced WAAAAAAoh)
mama (can be a combination of anywhere from two to twenty "mas" i.e. mamamamamama)
dada (same as above - sometimes dada sometimes dadadadada)
ball (this one is short and staccato)
Scout (this used to be either "scuh" or "tuh" but not both...until tonight. Tonight she said "Scaaaaaahhoht")
baby (usually reserved for tearful pleading for milk or blankey and said in a most pathetic way...baaaay-beeeeee)
hi (HI!)
bottle* (only slightly different than ball. She puts the 't' in there, but just barely.)
this/what's this (pronounced wusthis - at least I think that's what she's been saying)

words she has said but does not yet use regularly:
goodnight (pronounced guh-nigh)
thanks (oddly, this one she says clear as bell. Thanks!)
E's name (she sort of yells this one. I wonder why...)
yes (also said clearly, but not often because it's much easier to just nod)

words she can sign:

Oh, and gawd forbid she see a cat. She lets loose a shrill, ear-splitting scream and starts to go nuts. Arms waving, legs kicking, shriek! shriek! SHRIEK!

* I will have you know that this child doesn't actually drink from a bottle, but she does thoroughly enjoy a good game of put things in the bottle.

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caramama said...

I love these! I wish my boy would pronounce his Ms, but all I get is nahnah for mama. And I don't think he's ever said yes, but we get a LOT of Nos or Nonos!

Tough one about the nicknames. Hopefully they will phase out or into something more acceptable. I think they are pretty cute, though.

mom2boy said...

My younger brother called my little sister Goose and it stuck. Monkey or Monk'o doesn't seem too bad to me, really. Although no one except my brother calls her Goose, so even if one of E's names stick, it'll probably just be his pet name for her.

I love the new word sounds. I wish I had written more down as they happened with Tate. It's one of those things you think you'll always remember but don't.

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