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Thursday, April 8, 2010
E has taken to peeing in the yard. He crawls out the doggie door, pulls his pants down, and pisses in wide, wet arcs all over our grass dirt.

My question(s) to you:

Would you let your child do this and why/why not.

How would you feel if he were peeing in the front yard (E often does)?

And lest my non-child-bearing readers feel left out, if you don't have kids, how would you feel about seeing someone else's kid doing this?

Post your opinions in the comments section. Feel free to elaborate on any aspects of yard-peeing I might have left out and regale us with stories of when your kids (or you) used to pee in the yard, too! Thanks.

6 comments to Unofficial Poll:

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding sexist, I'd let my boy do it but probably not my girl.

Jac said...

Best. Poll. Ever.

Since your child is 2.5, I would encourage all peeing where he is taking deliberate steps to stay dry. So yes, I would encourage. I think it's great that he's got that control at his age!

If he were doing it in the front yard, I might be a little embarrassed but I don't know my neighbours well enough to really care.

When DS was a baby, I had him at a park once and a toddler ran over and peed on a tree near where I was standing and I was horrified. I thought my foot might have been in the splatter radius and I judged the parents.

Now, DS expects to pee on a tree at the park. It's one of the highlights of every park outing for him. I think this is one of those things that childless people will pass judgement on, and people with children would be a little more understanding about.

mom2boy said...

Up to a certain age and more in theory than actuality I think. Tate's never peed outside that I'm aware of. I'm not sure he even knows he can pee standing up poor kid. Peeing in the woods and by the side of the road on a car trip is always okay.

Laurie said...

I wouldn't care if my son did it in the back yard, but probably would discourage it in the front yard.

nej said...

Sorry - I decided to start moderating comments and apparently had no idea what I was doing.

@Anon - Had my daughter come first, I'd agree. But if she sees her brother peeing in the yard and wants to do it, I'm gonna let her. However, I'm PRAYING that by the time B is old enough to be peeing in the yard, her brother will have long outgrown it.

@Jac - E's been potty-trained now for a few months. I swear by cloth diapers for early potty training. And your comment about being in the spray radius cracked me up because unfortunately, now that I have to assist a peeing toddler, I am constantly in the cross fire. But it's different when it's your own kid's pee all over your forearm and shins.

@mom2boy - I love that E can pee standing up because I quickly got tired of cleaning up the pee that shot out between the toilet seat and the rim of the toilet.

@Laurie - I'm working on that.

geeks in rome said...

peeing that is not done on clothes, couches, my body, the floor is good!

I grew up in the country and peeing outside is a lifelong *skill* esp. for us girls.

As long as he is not in full sight of a neighbor's window, I say go for it.

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