I am in love...

Thursday, February 18, 2010
...with E for giving me the gift of the first nap of the year. He hasn't napped since 2009. Till today. Because he woke up before 6am. And was a mess. An angry, messy mess. But when he's sleeping, he's an angel.

...with Tide Stain Release.* I put six of E's stained shirts into the wash with a scoop of TSR and our usual save the earth hippie laundry soap and five of them came out completely and totally stain free. Hell ya.

...with D for being a good and patient husband who is in charge of date night this week. Last week was the induction date night and we had crab claws by candlelight and sat at the table and reminisced about the past ten years. We talked about us, not the kids. Ok, we talked a little about the kids. But then we talked about us - we laughed at that one time we went camping and we each drank a bottle and a half of cheap pino grigio by the campfire and then crawled into the tent, which I proceeded to puke in because my drunk ass couldn't unzip the tent fast enough. Which caused D to run out into the woods and puke his guts out, chain reaction style. We sat at the table for a long time, reminding ourselves of all the reason we fell in love and should stay in love.

...with B. She is beautiful and sweet and a total badass. I worried that having her in the carrier so much would slow her physical development. I carried E all the time, but I was also very conscientious about tummy time lest he be one of those kids who grew up to have lobster claw-like hands that couldn't hold a pencil (does anyone even use a pencil anymore?) because his horrible, careless mother didn't put him on his tummy enough times. B usually ends up on the floor because E fell off the ceiling and needs a kiss or because E is about to suplex the cat and needs to be redirected or because...well, you get the point. So imagine my surprise last week when B went bloop! and flipped right over onto her stomach from her back and did it again and again and again. "The hell you say! She's only 17 weeks old!" The hell I say. She's a maniac, maniac on the floor.

* Tide is not paying me to tout the magical powers of their latest product. But they should. Because I'm going to tell everyone I know how much I love this stuff. Everyone!

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Lisa SanPedro said...

Running some errands today... okay Tide Stain Release your on my list!! Hippie laundry soap...never heard of it, but eh sometimes I feel like a hippie so it's worth trying!! Your B and my T are both Ox signs, they are very strong...get ready... set (she'll start )~rolling~ ;)Hell ya!!!

Cloud said...

You're right, Tide should pay you. Because I'm totally buying that next time I'm at Target. The stains that come home from day care are mind-blowing.

AcG said...

Maniac on the floor like her older brother. Wonder if that's why I ended up so screwed up...but I had two of you to follow. I'm happy for you that you are happy in your life...you've always been a great role model and continue to teach me everyday. Thanks Sis!

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