Cinco de años

Friday, February 26, 2010
Many of you don't know this, but I've been married twice. To the same man. A man so nice, I married him twice.

D was not-so-happy about getting married in Miami but had patiently, albeit a bit detachedly, let me plan our snowballing-out-of-control wedding extravaganza. And our friend, Hallisomething, had offered to get ordained through the intrawebs and preside over our ceremony, which suited us just fine seeing as neither of us is religiously inclined and we both have Hallilove. A month or two before our wedding, Hallipriest got unordained through no fault of his own. Long story short, we had to get married before getting married. So we went to our small town driver's licence/building permit/dog licencing/marriage licence building to sign our lives away legally declare our love for each other.

But that was sooo unromantic. So I planned a surprise for D. Mostly because I love him but partially because I felt guilty that D had selflessly allowed me to plan our wedding on his birthday (our only other option was mid-June and I was not trying to get married in mid-summer Miami heat with hair like mine) and because did I mention D hates Florida? I did a little googling and found SkiRev, a man who will ski wherever whenever to marry you. I asked him to meet us at chair 3 at 3:00, sent him a check and mass emailed our local friends.

It was a bluebird day. We spent the morning tearing up the powder and enjoying the sunshine until it began to snow. One of the best mans (we had two) was in charge of the rings and also in charge of getting D to our rally point. As they approached us, D started to look suspicious.

"Wanna get married?" I asked.
"Now? In my snowboard pants?" he asked incredulously.
I nodded, so excited by the surprise in his eyes.
"Dude. Wanna come to my wedding?" he asked the friend standing next to him who would not be making it to our "real" wedding the following week. D laughed again as it dawned on him that that was the reason our friend was there.

Snowflakes fell on us as we stood on Windows Deck, surrounded by people we loved who loved us. Our rings got passed from hand to hand so that everyone could wish good things on them.

D grinned as we signed the marriage certificate. It reads that we were married on February 26th, 2005 at 12,000 feet (instead of at 3:30.)

So here's to us. We've made it 5 years (10 years altogether.) From the sleepless nights of new love to the sleep-deprived nights of two newborns. There is no other man I would have rather married.


This picture is obviously not from our Vail wedding. But as sweet as some of those pictures are, they are not in the least bit flattering. So I picked my favorite picture from our Miami wedding, and if any one of you is ever getting married in Florida and are looking for a kick-ass photographer, check Karla out. Also know a really good wedding planner. One that will dispose of a dead mouse and make sure you have enough Jaeger.
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Dawn said...

Happy Anniversary! You are still my favorite couple - and I swear I'm not just saying that! I remember every single detail from your second wedding!

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