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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Prompted by "Raising Intuition," an article in this month's Mothering Magazine, I asked E if he remembered what it was like before he was born - when he was in my belly. He said he did. But then again, he hates not having an answer and always, always answers "yes," even if he has no idea what the hell I'm talking about.

"Hey, E. Do you remember what it was like when you were in my belly?"
"What do you remember? What was it like?"

How. Crazy. Is. That?!?

Also, now that I'm seeing this in writing, I realized that he said water and not agua. He always says agua. It's the only Spanish word he uses exclusively. Double crazy.

3 comments to Swim swim:

CrunchyChick said...

No. way.

That's just awesome.

Juliette said...

Funny, but I just got chills. That is super nuts... Maybe? I hold firm though on my belief that they choose us....

heather said...

That article freaked me out. I tried asking my 2.5 year old where she came from and she said something I couldn't understand, then "I in the house". I asked if she remembered being in my belly but she said yes in the way the she says yes to anything she isn't certain of. I am going to try again when she is truly focused on something else.

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