Pee Pee in the Potty

Thursday, December 17, 2009
Um, so yeah. I guess we're potty training learning.

About a week ago, E asked his dad to take a bath with him and D told him, "No, you pee in the tub and no one likes to bathe in piss water," or something like that. E tried to convince his father that the pee was only over there and not over here and as long as he stayed on this side of the tub, no piss water would sully him. D wasn't buying it.

So the next night, it was my turn and since I didn't feel like taking a bath, I told E that I couldn't take a bath with him unless he peed in the Potty because like his father, I choose not to bathe in a tinkle-filled tub. Sure enough, E called my bluff and the kid freaking peed in the potty. And has every night since. So today, since we were home-bound, I decided to take it up a notch. I put on his bright orange training pants, told him they were special big kid underwear and that he couldn't pee in them, and I let him run around with no pants on. I even let him eat dinner sans pants.* He stayed dry all day and even saved up his poop till evening, where he proudly deposited it in the toilet. Then he demanded I do the same.

*Like I told our friend Shags, ten years ago, had I eaten dinner with a boy with no pants on, my evening would have turned out much differently.

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Meredith said...

WOO HOO! Go E!! (And can you drop a few hints towards your buddy Nathan's direction???)

Flo said...

Everything in this house gets done sans pants. When the 3-year-old has pants on he 'forgets' that he has to go. It's like the fabric gets between his brain and his penis somehow. (I know how wrong that sounds but honestly, I've lost the knack for normal kinds of expression with this thing, there is way too much talk about poo in my life.)

CrunchyChick said...

I must say - that is the single most inventive pee catcher I've seen in my entire life. I wish I was a three year old boy just so I could try it out!

Congrats E!

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