Kids say the funniest things...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
"Mom, why aren't we moving?"
"Oh, sweetheart...we're sitting in traffic."
"Can you back up?"
"I wish. But there's a huge truck behind me."
"And if you backed up into him it would break his truck?"
"And then he couldn't drive it anymore?"
"And then he'd probably say oh, shit."


5 comments to Kids say the funniest things...:

Claudia said...

Wise man.
Good to see a new post, no matter how brief.

mom2boy said...

Ha. That is so my future. Here's hoping that's the worst our truck driver would say.

caramama said...

Love it!

AlisonL said...

I read this to Stephen as we were stuck in the car for a too long drive home from Manhattan. We loved it. Thanks for the laugh.

nej said...

@Claudia - Thanks. I'm working on getting the thoughts running through my brain reigned in and on the screen.

@mom2boy - I have really learned to control my mouth (around my kids, anyway.) The worst I say is "son of a..." or "faaaahhhh." D, on the other hand, lets the "shit" slip pretty regularly and we have a very loud and obnoxious neighbor who curses up a storm every time he stops us to talk. So I am amazed that it took this long for the first bad word to escape E's lips.

@caramama - It was so hard not to laugh and laugh and laugh.

@AlisonL - Number 1: thanks for posting and linking to your blog. I had no idea...
Number 2: I'm sure that knowing D so well makes the story much funnier. This little acorn did not fall far from the tree.
Number 3: D says to say hi to you and Stephen and that he loves and misses you. :) We wish we lived closer to you guys.

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