Beer, Boobs, Boards and Belays

Thursday, November 19, 2009
Here's a list of all the places I've nursed one kid or the other and let me tell you, there's a real theme here...

Walking down the frozen-food aisle at Target
On the mats at Rock'n and Jam'n
In the neighbor's backyard
On Bear Creek Trail near the golf course
The lodge at A Basin
At a cocktail table at Gordon Biersch
At a breakfast table at Table Mountain Inn
The front seat of the car (not moving)
The back seat of the car (moving* and not moving)
The beer garden at Golden City Brewery (see below)
In front of the lions at the Denver Zoo
The doctor's office
Every room of our house
That crappy bar at the base of Breckenridge (what is that bar called?)
On an airplane (multiple times)
The beach at A-Basin
In a public restroom (never again!)
On every hiking trail in the front range, but one worth mentioning was a gorgeous fall hike through Beaver Creek
Patio table at the Red Lion
In the lounge of the women's powder room at Nordstroms
Myrtle Beach, both at the swimming pool and at the beach
The ski patrol hut at Blue Sky Basin **
At a rehearsal dinner
At the wedding the next day
Climbing at Scout Rock
On the warm sands of South Beach
Hiking St. Mary's Glacier (D actually stopped someone and had them take a picture of us. E was chowing away in the Ergo. They had no idea.)
Climbing at the Iron Clads

* E was safely buckled in his rear-facing car seat. I, on the other hand, was precariously perched, suspended above him with my boob in his mouth.
** Actually, I pumped here. I should get extra points for pumping in the back bowls of Vail, 11,000+ feet above sea level and in full snowboard gear.

Nursed or pumped somewhere interesting? Would love to hear about it!

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10 comments to Beer, Boobs, Boards and Belays:

Dawn said...

Sawgrass Mills Mall in the 'hood. Ick! Never again!

Meredith said...

Walking through the Crocs Warehouse sale (pretty sure my tummy was showing and perhaps even more...but I was so deliriously sleep deprived and trying to handle 2 other crazy kids that I didn't care).
On the floor of a bathroom in the Bellagio Casino. (ICK! ICK!)
and many, many other places, far too numberous to list...

Meredith said...

oops, I misspelled 'numerous'

Stephanie Leach said...

This was a pump and dump situation, but the bathroom at the Cardinals NFC Championship game. Fun stuff.

Dreama Lee said...

Far too many to name and list...pretty much all over N. America and Europe..but the best is probably Octoberfest Beer Tent and walking thru the mall on a crowded Sunday in Vancouver.

Nanette Jula said...

So the beer (and bathroom) theme is pervasive throughout. Not sure how to feel about that. Good about the beer (we're still having fun!) but definitely gross about the bathrooms...especially a bathroom floor?!? What's up with that @Meredith?

Cloud said...

My weirdest places were both on a business trip taken without my baby, so they were pumping, not nursing:

1. The bathroom at O'Hare. All I have to say about that is self-flushing toilets. Just think about that for a minute.

2. In my seat on the airplane. See location #1. I decided not to do that again. So I wrapped myself in a shawl at my seat, and pumped away.

Laurie said...

While carrying a kicking and screaming two year old up to his room for a time out. That was a little challenging.

I blog stalked you from the 'Pin. Hope you don't mind, I have really enjoyed reading your blog.

Laurie said...

Oh and pumping... in an avalanche tube while being a "victim" for a dog and handler for a test. I had to wait 15 minutes for scent rise anyway...

Nanette Jula said...

@Laurie - Mom2Miles? Awesome! I'm flattered and I'm glad you posted because now I found your blog. And in an avalanche tube makes me ski patrol hut look like child's play! :)

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